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Welcome to Third Grade's Home Page!

According to PWCS Virtual Schoolhouse, we now have a schedule to keep learning as consistent as possible. Each day of the week is designated as a specific subject. The work for each day is limited to 60 minutes. There is also an encore class each day. Third grade's instructional time is 11:45 - 12:45.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Language Arts
(Reading and Writing)
Math Science Social Studies Review or
Virtual Field Trips
 Art Guidance Library  Music Health / PE

 Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), students will not be returning to school.  We encourage students to continue to go on their Clever online at home; practice skills on Dreambox, MyOn, Voice Thread, and solpass.org. Be sure to check out the home learning and the files and documents pages on your child's teacher's webpage to access more resources. The home learning tab will have links and resources listed as well as a summary of standards that have been taught in class. The files and documents page will have the pacing guides and other resources to use to support your child's learning.

Be on the lookout for e-mails from your child's teacher for any ZOOM meetings or book clubs to be scheduled virtually.

Please visit PWCS Home Learning Link for a suggested daily schedule as well as other resources for you and your child.

Check out the specialist's webpages for more resources to support your child (i.e.; Special Education, ESOL, Math, and Reading).

Email us if you have any questions! 
Mrs. Jones - jonesdx@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Mills - millssa@pwcs.edu
Ms. Moran - morannm@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Nicolai - nicolmd@pwcs.edu

You can visit www.pwcs.edu or please don't hesitate to contact our principal at zeffirax@pwcs.edu, our school social worker Jane Ignacio, ignacij@pwcs.edu, or school counselor Jessie Casltes, castlejm@pwcs.edu for questions and assistance. John J. Jenkins Elementary has breakfast and lunch to go pick up from 9 - 11am for children under 18 only.