Pinwheels for Peace
Posted on 10/04/2016
pinwheels for peaceOn Wednesday, September 21st, KDES students will be participating in Pinwheels for Peace on International Peace Day to spread the message of kindness and peace. Students have been learning all about what peace, kindness and sportsmanship means in their encore special classes. Students have been creating pinwheels in art, learning about movement and music in music, participating in competitions and activities that focus on the Olympic spirit and working together in PE, reading and learning about what peace means in other countries, being kind and fair to each other in library.  On Wednesday, students will create a peace sign, an art installation, participate in compliment relays and movement with ribbons to celebrate the message of peace. Students will bring home a pinwheel from another student for them to enjoy. Ask your student about their pinwheel and Peace Day when they come home on Wednesday.