Ideas to Keep your Brain Growing this Summer 


Dream Box

Brain Pop

SOL Pass

Discovery Ed.

Keep a summer writing Journal

Read a book at least twice

Play math games

Practice counting money

Practice telling time


World Book

ST Math

Bench Mark


Mon./ Language Arts

Tuesday/ Math


Thurs./Social Studies


Record the main idea and supporting detailsof a nonfiction text,in graphic organizerof your choice.


Choose a graphic organizer:

Graphic organizer they are in files and documents you may print or draw them.

Choice Board

Ø Nonfiction text from home


Ø What is the Threat of the Invasive Species book fromMyOn


Ø Animals A-Z Seahorse article onMyOn


Ø Ancient Egypt Making MummiesReadworksarticle class code: 34EFAT, password: 1234


*Writing: Take your MI/SD from what you read and summarize it into a paragraph

ESOL & Extra Support:

In files and documents

Live lesson from 11:45 – 12:15

As a whole Group we will watch–OrigoGemstone Video Week 7

Then move into

Breakout – ¼ 1/8 slide and
one-wordproblem fromOrigo


Choice Board Choices:


Ø Mine’s Bigger fraction
game using fraction strips


Ø Visual Fractions website



Ø Dreamboxfraction lessons


Ø fraction games

password: kdes

ESOL & Extra Support:

In files and documents

6:30 Class Meeting

Choose one of the ecosystems books onMyOnto read, then draw/create the ecosystem you read about withat least 3 living (plants and animals) and at least 2 nonliving.


After creating the ecosystem, use the Big 10 summary graphic organizer to summarize the book your book.



· Coral Reefs: Colorful Underwater Habitats

· Deserts: Thirsty Wonderlands

· Grasslands: Fields of Green and Gold

· Oceans: Underwater Worlds

· Rain Forests: Gardens of Green

· Tundras: Frosty, Treeless Lands

· Wetlands: Soggy Habitat

· Coral Reefs

Choice Board ESOL & Extra Support:

Science Photo library (PDF version on Mrs. Nicolai’s webpage):


Choice Board Choices:


Ancient China Section – write facts you learned

BrainPop Jr.
Ancient China and
complete Ancient China Brochure to show
what you learned
from the video.


Journals through
history ancient china– discovery education
video(write 3
facts you learned)


ESOL & Extra Support:


10:30 Class Meeting

-Complete unfinished
work ----Attend Virtual
Field Trip

Students can choose between
exploring the Great Wall of
China or learning more about

3D Field trip to Great
Wall of China


Virtual Field trip
interviewing a
paleontologist from Magacascar.

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