This link to Clever will allow students to log in as a student using their username and password that they use to log on to the computers at home (username/password should be stapled or written in their agendas). Once on Clever, they can click and access their apps such as Dreambox, MyOn, Brainpop, WorldBookOnline, and Voice Thread.

Math Links: - Math Investigations Digital Games  - Jefferson Lab Review to take practice math/science quizzes - Home learning on Origo Math Program, weekly math lessons and practice activities - Greg Tang Math Activities - Minecraft Education Edition

Reading Links: - Storyline Online to have access to more books - Unite for Literacy to allow more options for English language learners - Readworks (class code: 34EFAT, password: 1234)

Social Studies/Science Links: - SOLpass to practice SS, Science, and Math (password is "kdes") - Smithsonian - National Geographic Kids - San Diego Zoo

Discovery Education link is found through the Kerrydale website, student links, code red days.

Additional Resource: - Hand 2 Mind, teach at home, daily lessons and activities