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Welcome to our Guidance page! Here is where I will be posting information about guidance lessons, e-learning and reviewing topics that we have learned throughout the year. 

My virtual office hours this year will be Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00. Please contact me beforehand so I can send you the zoom link. 

If you would like additional information regarding programs/services provided, feel free to contact me at the school at (703) 590-1262 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm or through email/teams at castlejm@pwcs.edu.

Vision and Beliefs:


The vision for the Kerrydale Elementary School counseling program is to allow each student the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and to become life long learners. Through the help of the comprehensive school counseling program, Kerrydale students will be able to develop resiliency, responsibility and skills necessary to SOAR above expectations and have positive, life-long impacts on our school and community.




Mission Statement:

The comprehensive school counseling program at Kerrydale Elementary School will support the growth of each students in the areas of personal/social, academic, and career development to ensure each student is able to reach their highest potential and academic achievement. The Kerrydale Elementary School Counseling Department will collaborate with the administration, staff and families within the community to ensure that each student receives a world class education.

The Professional School Counselor at Kerrydale Elementary School believes:
1. All students can achieve at high levels.
2. Every student is valuable and is treated with dignity and respect.
3. All students will have access to high quality school counseling services, provided by a full-time licensed, professional school counselor.
4. All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial differences are considered in the design and delivery of school counseling services.
5. All students can expect that school is a safe and nurturing environment.
6. That committed, working relationship with stakeholders, especially parents and teachers, is paramount to student development.


We are so excited to welcome our students back to school for the 2020-2021 school year (even if the first half is virtual). Although some things look and feel different this year, many things will be exactly the same! Please go to the virtual learning tab to view your Guidance encore page for this year. I will be posting weekly lessons, activities and discussion questions that I encourage you all to take part of. I will also be posting questions on the Guidance FlipGrid for you to reply to! 


I can't wait to "see" you all! 


Mrs. Castles

Return to Learn FAQs updated to include answers on live instruction and bandwidth

Please continue to visit the PWCS FAQ webpage for updates on second quarter operations under the 50/50 model. 

Recently added:

Does live “streaming” for virtual students (in-person not in school and all virtual) in the 50 percent model mean that students will be asked to passively watch videos of teacher(s) instructing in-person students?

No, our use of the term live “streaming” is only to indicate that the Division will be able to have concurrent instruction with virtual and in-person students by utilizing the recently funded increase in bandwidth to transmit video and audio from every classroom for virtual students at home as appropriate. Our instructional model looks to maintain the use of Zoom for virtual students at home and the ability for students to receive live virtual instruction and have live interaction daily with their teacher(s), to be able to ask questions, and have dialogue about their learning in real time during each class.

Will PWCS have the bandwidth and technology necessary for live streaming from classrooms?

PWCS is in the process of upgrading the Division-wide network to 100G, this will be in place at all schools by November 10. This bandwidth is sufficient for all students and teachers to be live streaming and using cloud-based applications simultaneously. All classrooms have wireless N access points, and wireless 6 access point are also in place at some high schools, and additional wireless 6 access points will continue to be added throughout the upcoming school year. PWCS is providing centrally a pan/tilt camera and wireless headset for every teacher by November 10. All classrooms including trailers have access to an interactive white board or large screen high resolution monitor/television. Any student without access to a device at home will be provided a device. All schools will have a laptop for every student in PWCS by January. Students needing help to get internet at home may receive support through Comcast Cares, mobile hotspot, or WiFi parking lot, Contact your student’s school if you need additional information.