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Kerry Kerrydale's Reading Corner     

                                Welcome to our reading page!

                                                 Office Hours

We are here to help! Ask us any questions you have about how to help your child at home.
Mrs. Johnson:  Tues.-Fri. 1:30-11:00

Mrs. Trachsel:    Tues.-Fri. 3:15-3:45

                             Resources to Support 'At Home' Reading and Writing              
Prince William County Library 
Need books? The Prince William County Library System offers free access to thousands of online and digital resources. Click here to learn more.

Title 1 Parent Newsletters  
Click here to find fun and creative ways to support your child's reading and writing at home in our monthly Title 1 parent newsletters.

Helpful Online Resources
Storyline Online and Unite for Literacy as well as the websites in your child's Clever account are just some of the resources your child can use at home to read books on their own or have books read to them.

Writing Notepad.png
*Check out Mary Amato's writing activities your child can do at home. Mary Amato's Writing Activities

*Write a letter to your favorite author! Mary Amato tells you how. How to Write to Your Favorite Author

*Writing letters, post cards, cards, and emails to teachers, family and friends are great ways to stay connected while practicing writing skills.

*Get some paper and make your own book. You can write a fictional story or all about your favorite topic.

*Create your own comic or graphic novel