I am extra proud of any of my students who are doing review work right now. If I can be of any assistance with the review work at this time feel free to email me at Beckja@pwcs.edu.
 This is the first time any of us have dealt with what is currently going on in the world. I urge all to stay home, set a routine, and practice self care if at all possible. Students, if you are able, do some review work, and know that your teachers, principals, and other staff school staff care deeply for you and as always
  Together We Fly Higher!

I have posted some links for optional at home learning.

Please also see your grade level teacher's class page.

I am hosting virtual office hours every Friday from 2-3pm. You may reach me via Zoom or email. Email me for Zoom link.

Here is a fun twist to a game you may have at home for Social Skills Practice:

Conversation UNO 

For 2-6 players 
Shuffle deck and distribute 7 cards to each player. Youngest player goes first. Follow basic UNO rules with a few exceptions:
If you play a YELLOW ODD NUMBERED card- ask another player about something they like (ie, what is their favorite food, favorite book, favorite color)

If you play a BLUE EVEN NUMBERED card- ask another player about something they dislike (ie, least favorite music, least favorite food)

If you play a RED PICK 2 card- ask another player about their favorite holiday

If you play a GREEN SKIP card- ask another player to share something they are good at

If you play a WILPICK 4 card- ask another player to tell a joke