Ms. Reilly's Classroom

Welcome to Ms. Reilly's Class!


Assignments are all through Canvas. Make sure to check Canvas daily! ( Students will login with their PWCS email/password and be able to access announcements, daily schedule, Zoom links for live lessons, assignments, etc.


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Class Vision:
We are here to learn, listen to each other, and become leaders. Together, we must cooperate, share, and be kind. We are confident in our learning and will reach our goals!

Class Mission:
We, the second grade learners and leaders of room 109, strive to be kind, respectful, and hardworking. We will come to school each day ready to learn and lead. We will be kind to everyone and be responsible for our learning.
Daily Schedule 

9:00 9:20   Morning Meeting
9:20 9:45      Language Arts
9:45 10:30      Encore
10:30 12:15 Writing and Small Group
12:15 12:45   Science/ Social Studies
12:45 2:00   Recess/ Lunch
2:00 2:30   Math
2:30 3:10   Small Group Time
3:10 3:20   Dismissal