Please visit your Encore teacher's web page for activities on their designated day.  We will also be hosting a 15 minute check in as a grade level every Monday and Friday at 2:30 pm.  Office hours on Thursday at 2:00 are to check in with any questions about activities that you may have.  We will be live on Zoom, or you may email us.  

Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone is staying healthy and focusing on family at this time.  I have posted online resources for you to visit and practice your math skills during this time off.  Nothing has a due date or will be graded. Use the "useful links" and "files and documents" sections of our class webpage to access materials and curriculum guides or visit Teams. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, you can always email me at  Please know that I miss you all and think of you often.  I can't wait to see you again! <3

If you want to follow our typical day, the schedule is:

9:00 Core Extension
9:30 Block 1 Math
10:45 Block 2 L. Arts
12:00 Lunch/Recess
1:00 Block 3 Science
2:15 Reading Group
2:55 Enore

Before school closed on March 13th, the fifth grade team sent the following email to parents:

Dear parents,

Due to the extended school closure, teachers have been asked to provide learning opportunities that are to be completed at home.  Our 5th grade team has put together the following assignments and resources for your student(s):


Go to  Use the password KDES.  Go to the 4th/5th Grade Science tab.  Review 54.7 & 4.8 Solar System, 4.4 Plants, 4.3 Electricity, and Scientific Investigations. Focus on the released test items for each of these sections.  

Also, see Language Art for cross-curricular activities to complete.


In Microsoft Teams there is a "Code Red" folder located inside the "Math" folder which are in the KDES-5th Grade Teams.  Students reviewed how to access Teams the past 2 weeks.  There are two projects and instructions for Dreambox located in the folder.  **Please note that if you are reviewing math objectives, only Units 1-8 from the Curriculum Guide have been covered at this time.**


Students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night.  

In Microsoft Teams there is a "Code Red" folder located inside the "Language Arts" folder which are in the KDES-5th Grade Teams. Students reviewed how to access Teams the past 2 weeks.  Students will find Science Choice Boards with various activities.  Students choose a minimum of one activity per choice board to complete.

General Information

The Kerrydale website has been updated to include a "Code Red" link under Student Links.  This is the quickest way for students to access the Teams through Microsoft Login.  Their Microsoft login is the same as their computer login and password.  They must add after their user name to log into Microsoft.

Comcast has TWO FREE MONTHS of internet for qualifying families.  Information is on our website.

As always, please email your student's teachers with any questions.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Your 5th Grade Team