Hello Kerrydale Students and Families! My name is Josh Walker and I am the music teacher here at Kerrydale. I am so excited to share some fun and easy to use music activities here. 

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Mr. Walker's office hour is Friday from 1:00 to 2:00pm.  If  you have any questions, you may contact me at walkerj@pwcs.edu.

June 4th
This week in grades K-2 I invite you all to visit the website of 
a very famous professional orchestra called The New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Their Kid's Page has lots of fun games and activities about instruments, and music in general.

This week in grades 3 - 5 I would like to share some fun games to reinforce what we learned this year about note names on the treble clef. Remember, the notes on the spaces spell the word F,A,C,E, and the note 
names on the lines can be remembered with the sentence, Every Good Boy Does Fine (E,G,B,D,F). The Travel Through Treble Space Quiz and Treble Note Rally games are both fun and great for reviewing note names.

May 28th

This week in grades K - 2 we looked at Starfall Music's Composer Page. Please take your own time and explore all the wonderful composers, music, games, and activities available on this site.

This week in grades 3 - 5, we talked about the various instrument families, and dove deeper into specific instrument names, sounds, and how they are played. Use the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids Page,  instrument volley quiz, and instrument family football game to review and test your knowledge of these instruments and their families.

May 21st
This week in K - 2 we began our exploration of the 'Carnival of the Animals' by the composer Camile Saint- Saëns. Here is a link to a great video performance of the music featuring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, here is a link to the entire music, and here is a fun coloring activity to do while listening to the music.
This week in grades 3 -5, we concluded our lessons for the website 'Chrome Music Lab'. The final activities left to explore were the wonderful Spectogram, Kandinsky drawing/music activity, and Voice Spinner, to name a few. 

May 14th
This week, K - 2 listened to Antonio Vivaldi's 'Spring' from his famous 'Four Seasons' concerto. Look under 'Useful Links' for videos, activities, and resources about Vivaldi and 'The Four Seasons'.
This week in grades 3 - 5, we learned about the first electric instrument, the Theremin. Look under 'Useful Links' for videos about the Theremin, and links to the Music Lab's Oscillator page, as well as the Virtual Theremin

May 7th
This week, we talked about RHYTHM in music. We visited Chrome Music Lab again, and this time, we looked at their super fun RHYTHM activity. Please also checkout the following links for more activities and videos about rhythm and percussion instruments. 
Brainpop Percussion Instruments
Listening Activity - Identify the Rhythms!
Edpuzzle Video , Grades 3-5 : Rhythm including 16th notes
Edpuzzle Video K-2 : Rhythms in Music

April 30th
Here is the link to what we looked at during our lessons this week:
Please also look under 'Useful Links' for extra information and activities on Antonio Vivaldi and his famous piece 'The Four Seasons'. We will be looking at 'Spring' this week.

April 23rd

Grades 3 - 5 :
This week's lesson can be found under 'Useful Links'. We will go over how to play the next variation on a rock beat for your homemade drum set, using 3 drums. There is also sheet music with the rhythms written out under 'Files and Documents'. Post yourself playing this week's rock beat on flipgrid!

Grades K - 2:
This week's lessons can be found under the 'Useful Links' tab. We have a fun video on the percussion instrument family, as well as a short quiz (ungraded) on the percussion instrument family under 'Files and Documents'. Also under 'Useful Links', there is a video of me and one of my kids playing 'freeze dance.' Dance along with us and then have your own freeze dance party at your home!

April 16th

Grades 3 - 5 :
Please check out this week's video lessons found under 'Useful Links'. 
Please find some helpful images and files under 'Files and Documents'.
Please post a video of you playing your own 'homemade' drum set on the Encore Flipgrid.
Grades K - 2:
Please find this week's songs and lesson videos under 'Files and Documents' in a folder labeled 'April 16th Lessons'.

Have fun! 

March 30th:

For All Grades

One of my favorite is the 'Online Piano' found under the 'Useful Links' page and here:
Online Piano

When you use  this, make sure the 'notes' feature is selected, and the 'sustain' feature is turned off.
In the 'Files and Documents' page you will find the sheet music for songs we have played this year on xylophones and guitars, and that we have also sung. These are for you to try and play on the 'Online Piano'.
There is one folder with more advanced songs by artists like Passenger, Shawn Mendes, and L'il Nas that we have not played yet, but I know you will have heard before!

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade (and for everyone!)
This a fun interactive game with which you can create your own songs and sounds.
Peg and Cat Music Maker
For 3rd to 5th Grade
This has got to be the COOLEST electronic music website I have seen so far. You can create your own ELECTRONIC MUSIC, save and share it, name it, and it functions almost like a video game as you can unlock new levels and bonuses. Incredibox is so much fun, I have the app on my phone now! (It is free to use the web version)
INCREDIBOX (Electronic Music)

I really look forward to hearing any questions, comments, and feedback on what you were able to create music at home.

Together We fly Higher!!